Wolves in the Graveyard by This Side of Anarchy

 This Side of Anarchy is from Los Angeles, California USA, and "Wolves in the Graveyard" brings a high-energy mix between punk and metal in such a way I've never heard by anyone else.

The song starts with fast-moving toms being joined by howling wolves, which couldn't fit this Halloween time of year better!  Soon, the bass, guitars and vocals join in simultaneously.  The verse gives me that eerie feeling of anxiety by all that's going on around me...the wolves pursuing...  "Watch out!  Wolves in the graveyard."

The guitars are crisp and clear with distortion, sticking with the rhythm with palm mutes and open power chords.  The vocals are full of gravel, chanting and setting the atmosphere and telling the story while staying in key where appropriate.

I'm very impressed with the drummer's creative use of tom-led rhythms throughout the song.  So many rhythms that aren't conventional!  It does an exceptional job of keeping the anxiety to a maximum.  It gives the bass a chance to shine while thumping with it.  I also love the fast-picking guitar solo that leads later in the song.

This Side of Anarchy does an amazing job of being like himself, not like anyone else.  That kind of mentality and creativity really can let new ideas and personality shine.

Check out "Wolves in the Graveyard" on your favorite streamer using this SongWhip link!



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